Lukashenka needs China’s loans to keep his own power – expert

The price of loans China provided to Alyaksandr Lukashenka is the future of the next generations of Belarusians, political analyst Pavel Usau believes.

“Being so close to world leaders. e.g. Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, Lukashenka feels as if he were part of the great mosaic of politicians, but in fact, he is not, this is nothing but his wishful thinking. No one takes Belarus as a serious political and economic player,” Usau told Belsat TV.

“Belarusians do not realize that the loans from the Asian table are borrowed at high interest, and we will have to pay them off,” the expert stresses.

According to Usau, the major problem is that the money will not go to the development of Belarus’s economy. In his opinion, Lukashenka needs Chinese money to stay in power.

“The best part of the money will sink in the pockets of those who will forward these loans, and some will be cast to the wind,” the guest of Belsat TV says.

“Our children and grandchildren will have to pay back the money which is not of benefit for Belarus. The world is moving on, we are making headway; in 30 years, no one will need the things and projects which are being made and developed here now. And we will have to settle with creditors – but there will be nothing to pay,” the political analyst warns.

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