Lukashenka: If our army goes somewhere as peacekeepers, I’ll be the first to join them

Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka made several comments on Monday in response to mass media speculations regarding the intentions to use the Belarusian army for peacekeeping purposes, news agency BelTA has learned.

“If our military personnel go somewhere as peacekeepers, I will be the first to go there. I want them to know it. My eldest son, who takes care of these problems today, will be there, too,” he stressed. “I am not going to send anyone anywhere while I am already getting criticized.”

Referring to the conflict in Ukraine Lukashenka said that it was also Belarus’s concern. “We should do our best to tune down the conflict or eliminate it. If we can pull it off, we, the men, and I as the commander in chief, we will do it,” he said. “We don’t ask for it, we don’t force our way in and have never tried to. If we are asked to do it, we will if we can”.

The president spoke about results of the recent session of the contact group on Ukraine that meets in Minsk from time to time: “They came to terms on few things but the decision to exchange POWs was made,” he pointed out.

“I think the next meeting will take place soon. But the decision to meet has not been made yet. There is no way out but meetings and negotiations,” Lukashenka expressed his hope., following BelTA

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