Lukashenka echoes Kremlin: “Russia didn’t fight in Ukraine”

Russia has no desire to wage economic wars against anyone and did not fight in Ukraine, state-run news agency BelTA learned from Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka in Chisinau on Wednesday.

“Knowing the psychology, knowing Russia’s leadership very well, I can say that Russia doesn’t want to wage an economic war against anyone, all the more so, in this situation,” he said.

“If Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries do not harm Russia after signing the agreement on association with the European Union, I am confident that in the near future you will normalise relations with Russia if there is no damage to the Russian economy. Russia is just trying to protect itself in this situation,” the head of state stressed.

Speaking about the conflict in Ukraine, the Belarusian President expressed confidence that a war would not happen there.

“Because nobody needs a war. Wars are waged when someone tries to win but all the sides in the conflict are convinced that they will not be able to secure a victory: neither the Ukrainian army will win nor the resistance army, which exists there and is labeled separatists. Many believe that Russia is fighting the war over there. Russia didn’t fight there. If Russia does, it will not win. The situation will only get worse,” he said., via BelTA

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