Lithuanian FM about Russian threat: Madness has no limits

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius questions the possibility of Lithuania being openly attacked by a foreign country.

“Personally, I believe, although there are other opinions, that we should not expect a conventional threat. Nevertheless, we are a member of NATO and it would be too risky to attack such a country openly and directly. Although madness has no limits, I don’t think it [the threat] is real,” Linkevičius said in an interview with the Lietuvos Rytas TV’s program “24/7”.

Speaking about queues on the Lithuanian-Russian border after Russia introduced thorough checks for vehicles from Lithuania, Linkevičius underlined that Russia is not a reliable country for doing business with.

As it was reported before, on November 25 Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė called on the country’s business sector to evaluate risks in Russia which she called an unpredictable country and unreliable economic partner.

“Our business sector needs to make serious evaluations because we know that Russia, at least for now, is an unreliable economic partner. Therefore, business needs to make decisions on whether to take the whole risk or try and diversify and look for new markets,” she said.

In response, a Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that ‘such statements’ would have an impact on ‘our cooperation’., via Delfi

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