KGB: Participation of Belarus citizens in Ukraine conflict is criminally liable (+videos)

The participation of Belarusians in the hostilities in Ukraine on any side of the conflict is criminally liable, Chairman of the State Security Committee (KGB) of Belarus Valery Vakulchyk told reporters at the House of Representatives on October, 2.

“Naturally, there is responsibility for mercenarism. It does not matter on which side these Belarusians fight. These matters are regulated by our laws. A decision will be made if such incidents are revealed and proved,” the KGB chief told BelTA

There are some 60 volunteeers from Belarus and Russia in volunteer battalion ‘Donbas’. “We give employment to Belarusians and citizens of Russia possessing a Ukrainian resident card,’ battalion commander Semyon Semenchenko said. Belarusian citizens are also present in unit ‘Pahonia’ (Pursuit).

But Belarusians also joun pro-Russian separatists, like Natallia Krasouskaya, a female sniper from the town of Barysau. According to Russian journalist Dmitry Steshin, Ms Krasouskaya was killed in mid September and buried in Savur-Mohyla, a strategic height near the town of Snizhne in Eastern Ukraine.

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