Journalist Zhukouski attacked and poisoned by pig farm worker


The freelancer went to the Zyalionyia Luki village to check the information about the massive pig slaughtering at the “Dobraya Hrushka” farm lasting for as long as two weeks.

The journalist left the car near the facility and wanted to get into the farm, but he was confronted by a man, probably a guard, who sprayed Kastus with an unknown substance from a container.

“He shouted that there was a quarantine area and that we had bypassed the police checkpoints, and therefore they would all lose their jobs. But we saw no relevant signs and information about the quarantine. There were three police patrols, I called the precinct policeman. He should come and get my statement. Information about what is happening on the pig farm is hidden from us. I think they are hiding swine disease,” Kastus Zhukouski said.

The journalist was taken to the hospital for tests. It is now known that he was poisoned by an unknown chemical substance. Emergency brigade diagnosed him with hypertension and high blood pressure. He was given a pill, but it did not help, so they made an injection.

Andrey Tolchyn had the unknown substance sprayed on him as well.

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