Friendly calf sucks two mothers – Lukashenka pays lip service to Russia, Ukraine

Aliaksandr Lukashenka has expressed confidence that he will win the 2015 presidential elections in Belarus.

“Lukashenka is not the one who can be disciplined; he is fed up with the presidency. Even if the worst scenario materializes, I will not be upset. Only the Belarusian people can discipline me,” the Belarusian president said at the press conference following the session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the level of the heads of state on Tuesday.

He added that even if the whole world is against Lukashenka, he will become president anyway if ‘that is what the Belarusian people want’.

Minsk is not eager to ‘bite something off Russia’ taking advantage of its difficult economic situation, the Belarusian leader stated.

“A number of mass media reported that allies wanted to take advantage of the situation and came to Moscow to feather its nest <…> But if our Russian brothers need something and we are able to help we will always lend our shoulder to them,” Lukashenka said.

It is interesting that as lately as last Sunday the Belarusian president promised extensive support to Petro Poroshenko.

“And I have told you: if we can do something for you, call us, tell us what needs to be done, what process we have to be part of and I guarantee to you that if you make a decision, like you said, in favour of continuing the dialogue in Minsk, if it is necessary to discuss something using Minsk as the venue, you know that you have friends over there and we are always ready to fulfil any request of yours,” Lukashenka said being on a visit to Kyiv.

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