Former KGB officer: Belarus paid China $20 mln for equipment to tap opposition

It is the Belarusian secret services that gave the tapped conversation of politician Pavel Sevyarynets and Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkevich to state-run media, former KGB officer Anufry Ramanovich believes.

As reported earlier, a piece of telephone conversation appeared in the propaganda film “Call to Friend” shown by TV channel Belarus 1.

“It is illegal. Now the security agencies do not wage the war on crime in the territory of Belarus, they are not engaged in protective intelligence. They are persecuting dissidents, those who advocate for the restoration of democracy in Belarus, for maintaining the Constitution,” he stresses.

According to the former officer, the Belarusian authoritis established a system of total surveillance of citizens.

“Every opposition politician is spied upon. To make total surveillance possible, Belarus bought appropriate equipment at the cost of $20 mln from China. Lukashenka spares no expense on spying and his own security team,” Ramanovich said.

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