Fake job offers in Homiel

A number of stands and electronic devices have several job offers on them. However, it is not so simple in real life. In Homiel, for example, it is easy to find an ad, but getting the work is not always so simple. That is why not all the unemployed are choosing the path to such institutions.

“Belsat” decided to check the work of the Homiel employment centers.

The stand features an ad of the “Sozh Stroy” company, which is looking for a candidate for the post of director with a salary of one thousand rubles. However, the address in the add leads to an abandoned building without signs of organization.

It is even worse at the private enterprise “Belfrutplyus”

Finding the road here is very difficult, potential employees are welcomed by dogs, and the head of the company said that he had left no ads in the employment center.

The Department of Labor and Employment of the Homiel City Executive Committee would not recognize the error.

The officials, however, do know the true cause of the chaos. The believe people are not attentive enough and should check ads online and not on the stands.

But what if there is no computer? Why are there the stands then?

Questions still remain. However, false job offers are not the biggest problem. Even if the job offer is relevant, it is not always attractive. One of the Homiel companies is willing to hire a person with knowledge of Hebrew, English and Azerbaijani languages ​​for just 300 BYN per month. There are more such examples.

About 440 thousand people are to pay the “parasite tax”.

Officially, there are only 35 thousand unemployed registered in Belarus. There is an ongoing collection of signatures for the abolition of the relevant Presidential Decree.

Activists hand out signature sheets for the people faced with the problem to collect signatures on their own, because majority of Belarusians today are not safe from the “tax on parasitism”.

Yan Babitsky, Belsat

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