‘Do you believe that Lukashenka has no property and assets?’ – street interview

As Belsat.eu reported earlier, of the four presidential candidates, incumbent president Alyaksandr Lukashenka predictably earns the most. Our journalists have asked residents of Minsk whether they believe that the incumbent president has no assets and property…

“What a funny question! I don’t believe!”

“I think that his children are doing well.”

“He is not poor, he has a perfectly good salary.”

“He doesn’t need any salary, he is fully maintained by the state.”

“There is the Department of Presidential Affairs in Belarus. In fact, it is his own bag-enterprise.”

“In my opinion, he has other sources of income, but I can’t say what are they. It is hard to go into detail, I have never been President.”

“No, I don’t believe. It seems to me he does have some assets, he must have acquired somthng for these years. But it is his own business.”

“I doubt that he is poor. He must have some real estate – perhaps, even abroad.”

“I know that he has a presidential residence in Astrashytski Haradok. He grows potatoes there. ”


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