Did Americans really land on Moon? Russian Investigative Committee doubts, offers probe

Vladimir Markin, an official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, suggested carrying out an international investigation into the landing on the Moon in 1969.

Markin, who proposed this in his column in the newspaper ‘Izvestia’, is outraged at the FBI’s actions in the case over corruption in FIFA:

“US prosecutors arbitrarily declared themselves the final authority in international football disputes,” the Russian investigator says.

In his view, Americans start complaining only when the organization of the championships is awarded to other countries. In addition, they are as corrupt as the rest of the world, Markin states. The only difference is the fact that ‘their’ corruption is called ‘lobbying’ and it is legal. Therefore, he is worried that such ‘corrupt’ people launched a war on corruption in order to ‘achieve corruption goals’.

Moreover, a lot of other threads appeared in the article: Microsoft, for example, is about to develop a new computer virus on demand of the U.S. government. According to Markin, the would-be investigation should also touch last year’s ‘coup’ in Kyiv and the alleged financing of Islamic Countries by the United States.

In order to organize an international probe, recordings of Armstrong‘s landing on the moon should be handed over to the relevant authorities, Markin stresses. He says that the event was the ‘achievement of mankind’ and the Americans should not invent any excuses for not publishing the footage.

Wolves howling at … space station

Vladimir Markin has already gained notoriety; now it is turn of the pro-Kremlin motorcycle club ‘The Night Wolves’: they are dreaming of ‘cosmic fame’. As we know, normal wolves howl at the moon, but it is the International Space Station that has become a much-desired target of Putin’s ‘pets’ who decided to leave their imprint on it.

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Its leader Alexander ‘Surgeon’ Zaldostanov came up with the idea that they should place a flag of The Night Wolves there. And he has almost had a deal: In the autumn cosmonaut Sergei Volkov should deliver the club flag to the orbit, his father, cosmonaut Alexander Volkov, promised Zaldostanov. Well, the name obliges …*

*Волк [Volk] is Russian for ‘Wolf’

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