Crimea’s Minister carreer: Appointed, fired, arrested

Crimea’s Industrial Policy Minister was detained by FSB officers over alleged misappropriation of  state property.

Andrei Skrynnik was appointed Minister in April 2014, a month after the annexation. Previously, he served as Deputy Chairman of Parliament’s committee of Crimea (as part of Ukraine) – he was responsible for fuel, energy and innovation policy.

As reported by the Russian security service, the suspect might have colluded with other government officials. They organised an illegal meeting, where they were to have been elected members of the supervisory board of Bakhchysarai  District Food Cooperative Association. This would have allowed them an opportunity  to become shareholders of the company. And shareholders, in turn, are empowered to take a decision to transform the association into Skrynnik’s  private property.

As investigators considered this to be unlawful appropriation of the assets of the Republic of Crimea (48 million Russian rubles ), the Minister was arrested.

It is not the first purge of ranks in local government. Last week, Treasury Minister Alexander Gordetsky said goodbye to his post. He is suspected of illegal lease of one of the Crimean health resorts.

Transport Minister Anatoly Tsurkin, Tourism  Minister Yelena Yurchenko and Economic Development Minister Nikolai Koryazhkin were also dismissed after corruption scandals in the Crimea this year.

Karol Łuczka/MS

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