Charnobylski Shlyakh 2017 rally in Minsk (video)

The traditional Charnobylski Shlyakh rally in memory of the accident at the Charnobyl nuclear power plant took place in Minsk on Wednesday, April 26. Belsat TV was following the event.

At around 18:00 people gathered near the Kastrychnik cinema. There were young and old citizens of Belarus. MAny of them had posters with slogans against the nuclear energy use. Several political activists like Paval Sevyarynets spoke at the event.
People remembered the victims and the people who, like liquidators, fought with the consequences of the dreadful accident of 1986.

After a while, the people started walking towards the Bangalore Square. They were followed by a number of paddy wagons and police vehicles. Some of them reached the ‘Charnobyl Victims’ monument. Others walked to the Kyiv Park, where they sang the “Mighty God” anthem and heard activist Yury Belenki speak.

The event ended at about 20:00.

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