Captured Russian soldier: Pulling out of war in Ukraine one may ‘get lost’

If you are a soldier of the Russian Armed Forces and you don’t give your consent to participate in military actions in Ukraine you may face arrest or even disappear, POW Evgeniy Tur says. Russia’s army command sent him to Donbas where the man was captured. Being eager to warn would-be soldiers Mr Tur took the plunge and told the truth.

English subtitles:

“I was sent on two-month mission to Rostov-on-Don. When we got there, a colonel took us to Novocherkassk. He took our documents from us and made us change clothes. In Novocherkassk I was in a bus, I did’t realise we were heading for Ukraine but not far from the border they said “You are going to Ukraine!” If you refuse you might be imprisoned or even ‘disappear’. Mummy, I love you. I regret not putting value on your advice. I’m so sorry.”

According to Evgeniy Tur, he is a sergeant of the military unit 30616-6 of the 523 Guards Training Motorised Rifle Regiment.

Evgeniy Tur, 21, was born in Kirovograd, did military compulsory service, then served under contract. On October, 14, he received a call-out notice. Mr Tur claims they were not aware of their being sent to Ukraine. During the trip to the border with Ukraine he and his comrades-in-arms were plain-clothed, he said. The man is sure that those who withdraw from taking part in the war in Ukraine might be killed but considered ‘missing’ in Russia.

At the moment Mr Tur is in the town of Sloviansk that was liberated from (pro-)Russian separatists.

“I was captured, they took me to some place in a car boot, but food, tea, medicines and a sweater were given to me there. I was well-treated. If you receive a call-out notice, don’t go anywhere whatever they promise – you’ll never be back home again.”

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