Armenian businessman donates $3K to ‘Mova Nanova’ language course

A businessman from Armenia Vagan Kerabyan has decided to support the ‘Mova Nanova’ language course

He wrote about it on Facebook, summing up the ‘Admetnyia’ (Special) contest, organized by the and Samsung Belarus.

Vagan Kerabyan founded a delivery service of meals from Minsk cafes and restaurants that came 3rd in the ‘Admetnyia’ (Special) contest. That’s what the businessman wrote about it:

“Armenians are said to be are modest people who work from morning till night and who was beaten many times in the last 3,000 years, but who with the power of their faith and language was able to survive and preserve their identity. For us, the Armenian language is a guarantee of survival and development! I felt very sorry for Belarusians in Belarus — very few people know the language, and few people speak it. And I was amazed by Hleb Labadzenka’s “Mova Nanova” language course — it is a hotbed of preservation and development of language. In case of victory, we planned to give the prize to them. But our “defeat” in the competition is not an obstacle, and we decided to donate an amount equal to the prize — 6,000 rubles — for work and development of the ‘Mova Nanova’ language course! This is little support from the fraternal people of Armenia”.

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