‘Belsat’ viewers helped family pay utilities debt and keep children

The Mokas family from Dzyarzhynsk, which had turned to Belsat for help, as their five children could have been taken from them, has paid the entire debt for utilities. Immediately after the story came out, a large number of concerned viewers offered their help.

“The story came out on Thursday, and on weekend we began to receive money on the account, they asked us about the bank, where they could transfer the money, there were two people who transferred money to the post office, and there were people who transferred money from Russia. The amount collected was much more than was necessary,” said Maryna Mokas, mother of 5 children.

The family was given the status of a socially dangerous household, because they had a debt for electricity, which accounted for 350 BYN.

“I want to thank all those who have helped us to solve this problem. We would not have coped on our own,” said Mrs Mokas.

After the payment of the debt, social services started to prepare the documents to remove the family from the relevant list.

After the story came out, the local officials offered Maryna to apply for social support. Maryna does not know the amount and timing of payments, but she is pleased with this decision.

Volha Chaychyts, Andrus Kozel, “Belsat”

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