Belsat TV turns 7!

Belsat TV, the first independent channel in Belarus was launched on December 10, 2007, on International Human Rights Day. Formally the channel was established by virtue of an agreement signed by the Polish Foreign Ministry and Telewizja Polska S.A. (Polish Public Television) on joint long-term development and financing of Belsat TV.

Over these seven years there have been broad changes. When we were just beginning, there were only several hours of daily broadcasting. There were no news presenters, our programs used to be shown on tape delay. Now our viewers get the latest news live.

Over these seven years we have produced about 200 ocumentaries and reports showing a non-trivial Belarus. A lot of them were awarded at international festivals.

But Belsat TV should not be associated solely with the country’s political life. Our audience stands a chance of watching programs about culture and the world’s best films in the Belarusian language.

Year over year Belsat TV’s viewership has been growing. As everyone can find something of interest for them the channel attracts people of different age, income level and political views.

We are constanly developing. Over these seven years we have reached a lot of goals in spite of tough working conditions, persecution by the Belarusian authorities, lawsuits against our journalists and even banning Belsat from using its logo. We will keep moving on! Stay with Belsat!

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