Belsat Fest 2014: Birthday party in Warsaw. Join us!

Belsat TV, the first independent channel in Belarus, has the honour to invite you to the event on the occasion of its 7th birthday.

The celebration in the company of Belsat collaborators and friends, is to start on December 12 at 8 pm, its venue being club Nowa Jerozolima (Al.Jerozolimska 57, Warsaw).

If you like us on Facebook and share this information the party is free-to-enter. You are also welcome to invite your nearest and dearest. The number of free tickets is limited, so like us and confirm your participation!

Belsat in English:

Biełsat po polsku:łsat-po-polsku/


Launched on December 10, 2007, International Human Rights Day, Belsat TV has been broadcasting only in the Belarusian language in spite of financial problems and persecution by the Belarusian authorities. Belsat is not only a TV channel; it is a community of Belarusians, Poles, etc who are not indifferent to the situation in Belarus. 

Two Belarusian musical bands are expected to perform at the event:


Bosae Sonca

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