Belarusian NPP construction dangerous: explosion, two people dead, 10 incidents

Two people have died at the construction site of the Astravets NPP, radio “Liberty” and “BelaPAN” report with reference to independent sources, Belarusian NPP administration, however, denies this.

Belsat journalists have found its own, the third, source

The person to whom we turned for info confirmed the alleged event. The man conveyed the words of the NPP worker, who directly spoke with eyewitnesses of the incident.

Employees of the Astravets hospital, however, said they had heard nothing of the incident. But they pointed out that the plant has its own emergency medical service, and the victims in the case of such event were more likely to be taken to the hospital of Smarhon or Ashmyany.

Many more accidents than reported

As Belarusian Deputy Minister of Energy admitted to TUT.BY last year, in the first 9 months of 2016 on the construction site were 10 emergencies which killed three workers. Experts believe that this figure is strongly underestimated.

Earlier, media reported about the collapse of supporting structures of the NPP. In particular, the story of a anonymous worker, who said that the reactor dome was built from the concrete of a different brand. He also said that due to hasty construction of the dome, the technological specifications were not strictly followed. As a result, air bubbles formed in the concrete mass which break strength of the protective structure.

Safety bar is lowered, build haphazardly

According to the Belsat TV and the international agency for investigative journalism OCCRP investigation, the NPP supervisory authorities systematically allow for easing of the safety regulations and standards.

Republican Unitary Enterprise Belarusian NPP started the construction with neither project nor proper license. One of the major contractors, Ashmyany company called “Builder” (Budaunik), has no certificate of proper category. The general contractor of the construction — Russian company NIAEP — a subsection of Rosatom, was unable to get any Belarusian certificate of conformity.

Stanislau Ivashkevich, “Belsat”, photo: Maxim Tarnalitski /

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