Belarus singer has finger in Kremlin propaganda: “Sanctions like frightening a bear with mosquitos”

In response to the EU’s sanctions towards Russia Anzhalika Ahurbash, Distinguished Artist of the Republic of Belarus, also known as Lika Yalinskaya, has put on a T-shirt bearing a controversial inscription.

On September, 23 anyone stood a chance to exchange a T-shirts with foreign symbols for ‘patriotic’ ones bearing militarist slogans (“‘Topol’ is not afraid of sanctions”, “Sanctions? Don’t make my ‘Iskanders’ laugh”, “A passenger from Russia – don’t wake when sanctions come”, etc) in the centre of Moscow. The action was held to mock at western sanctions introduced after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and bringing troops into Donbas region.

Anzhalika Ahurbash, who represented Belarus at the 2005 Eurovision Contest but lives in Russia now, showed her support of the Kremlin’s policy. “Imposing sanctions on Russians are like frightening a bear with mosquitos”.

According to the singer, shortage of food products ‘made in the EU’ won’t affect her. “As I was born in Belarus, potatoes, bubliks and sauerkraut are quite enough for me to live on,” she stressed.

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