Belarus set to grant free visas for major sports events

Belarus has plans to issue free visas to tourists coming for major sports events, Vadim Karmazin, Director of the Tourism Department of the Belarusian Sports and Tourism Ministry, said on September, 17.

This year Belarus has offered visa-free travel to tourists who came to the country for the ice hockey world championship. Sports fans only needed to present a match ticket to be able to enter Belarus. 

“The move proved to be right. There are plans to issue free visas for sports fans coming to Belarus for international sports events. This will be done upon the petition of the Sports and Tourism Ministry and the National Olympic Committee. Sports fans travelling to Belarus will still have to obtain visas, but visas will be free of charge for them. This mechanism will be discussed with the Foreign Ministry,” Vadim Karmazin said.

The list of international sports events in question will be drafted by the Sports and Tourism Ministry and the National Olympic Committee.

Free visas for tourists coming for other major events will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Vadim Karmazin said that free visas might be issued during several big festivals. “I hope that the suggestion will be upheld and the country will become more attractive for tourists,” he added. Free visas will encourage more people from the neighboring states to come to Belarus. “Usually a decision on going on a trip is made within 4-5 days, therefore the visa issue is of paramount importance,” Vadim Karmazin said., via BelTA

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