Belarus policeman who uncovered recruitment channel to ‘Donetsk republic’ stands trial. In camera


A trial of former policeman Mikhail Kutsko has started in Hrodna on Monday. The hearing is being held in camera.

After police Lieutenant uncovered the likely supply chain of Belarusian soldiers in the separatist Donetsk, he was accused of bribery (article 430 of the Criminal Code).

Since January, he has been under arrest in Hrodna prison Nr 1. According to the defendant, certain officials want to neutralize him due to the fact that the he was investigating into the case under Article 343 (making and peddling pornographic materials), in which Alena B., an employee of the Interior Ministry and a daughter of a former judge, was involved.

Sensing danger, the officer recorded a video, where he told his story.

“I received information from my sources that an officer of the Border Committee from military unit 2141 has access to the illegal military formations of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. According to my informant, the officer S. can put people in contact with the appropriate people for recruitment into military units of the DPR. I will immediately report that information to my leadership… I do not know on what position the officer works. He can be a head of the border patrol unit preparing guys to go to war, and if he is a political officer or security officer, then in general he can be recruiting soldiers based on compromising material and send them to fight for the DPR. The KGB had to at least check it”.

In court

A prosecutor, who was not happy with the presence of journalists, filed a motion to hold a closed-door court hearing, and the judge granted it.

Natallya Kutsko

“I am totally shocked. As a rule, it is the maniacs, repeat offenders or sort of them who are tried in camera! I managed to see my husband just for a moment after his eight months in prison. I will give witness testimony tomorrow and see him, but his mother will not. We were not allowed to visit him. I am choked up with tears; he has changed a lot, he has lost weight,” Kutsko’s wife Natallya says.

However, Mikhail is sticking to his guns, Natallya says. The sentence is expected to be delivered on September, 27.

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