Belarus KGB Chief: We should stop Ukrainian ‘virus’ from spreading in our country

There are no combatants among the Ukrainians who moved to Belarus, Valery Vakulchyk, Head of the Belarusian State Security Commitee (KGB), told journalists on Thursday.

All the people who arrived in Belarus from Ukraine are being checked for their combat commitment, Mr Vakulchyk, who is taking part in an counterterrorist conference, stresses.

“Given the fact that warfare is being conducted in the territory of Ukraine a threat to the national security interests is posed to all the neighbouring countries, including Belarus. Thus, we must take appropriate measures to prevent this ‘virus’ from spreading in our country,” he said.

As it was previously reported, over 25,000 citizens of Ukraine have undergone registration procedure in Belarus since the conflict started. Work permissions have been granted to about 9,000 Ukrainians, some of them are seeking refugee status.

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