All parties are equal but others more so: ‘Tell the Truth’ gets registered, others struggling

Years of struggle and seven attempts to register later, “Tell the Truth” campaign was finally celebrating victory. Thanks to the green light from the Ministry of Justice, this organization managed to pull over what other opposition movements and parties are still dreaming of.

Why did they get registered?

Now “Tell the Truth” is consistently advocating for the development of political dialogue between society and the authorities, as well as for the implementation of reforms. According to their leaders, registration is a step toward political liberalization in Belarus.

Is it really possible to speak of liberalization?

Last week, the opposition United Civil Party was fighting for its continued existence in Supreme Court. The party’s leaders appealed the warning, which was issued at the beginning of April by the very Ministry of Justice. Together with the BPF Party and the movement “For Freedom”, the UCP were labeled organizers of the mass action in Minsk on March 25. According to officials, the representatives of the United Civil Party were disseminating information about Freedom Day, but official permission for the rally had not been issued.

What are today’s events for the opposition?

Registration of the new movement and the claim to the opposition structures with experience can lead to the reformat of the opposition planned by the authorities.

Over the past fifteen years no political party has been registered in Belarus. The only democratic union, which received official authorization to work in 2008 was the movement “For Freedom”.

Ian Babitsky, “Belsat”

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