Zakharchanka: “I am not ready to shoot the citizens of Belarus”

In his interview to Belsat TV political refugee Stsiapan Zakharchanka has clarified the reasons for his leaving the military base and fleeing to Lithuania.

A year ago Stsiapan Zakharchanka served in a deep reconnaissance company of nondivision mobile brigade No.120. He took a decision to escape in July, 2011 when silent protest actions took place all over the country.

Acts of army hazing were common in the brigade, its officers constantly brutalized the soldiers, Zakharchanka disclosed. But the main reason for his desertion is the command’s demand to put his signature under a document confirming his agreement to fulfil any order.

“It was explicitly stated: are you ready to open fire in case of internal military forces’ loosing grip on a situation? I am not ready to shoot the citizens of the Republic of Belarus. According to the political refugee, three of eight sergeants who refused to sign the paper were severely beaten.

Together with another sergeant Zakharchanka went over the hill. His counterpart headed for his native town where he was arrested. Stsiapan Zakharchanka illegally crossed the border and claimed political asylum in Lithuania. His case is being considered now.


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