Basharymau’s girlfriend released from KGB prison

Siarhei Basharymau intended to rent a flat to Studio Total representatives. Iryna, the estate agent’s girlfriend, told reporters about the details of her detention and questioning.
According to Iryna, Siarhei was arrested on July 6, 2012 when he was going to work. She was detained a bit later. It was KGB officials whom she learnt about the teddy bear stunt from. A day later they freed her saying “Сount yourself fortunate that you are a girl.” But KGB servicemen forgot to inform Iryna of the fact that her laptop, pendrives and other electronic materials had been seized.
“We were primarily silent about the matter because it seemed to egregiously silly. We were waiting for three days, ten days but by the moment an accusation has already been presented. Then we found out that another person, photographer Anton Surapin, had been arrested under the same case and disclosed the information to media world,” Iryna said.
The girl hopes that the absurdity in the KGB has still not been carried to its ultimate. She will do her best to get her boyfriend out of the trouble.
Siarhei basharymau is suspected of “aiding a group of persons in illegal border crossing”. Now he is facing up to seven years of imprisonment. It is noteworthy that he did not even rent a flat to teddy bear stunt organisers because the latter had waived his services via sms. But the only fact of contacting the Swedes turns out to be the reason enough for chekists.
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