Poland not to deliver Andrey Pyzhyk to Belarusian KGB servicemen

The former policeman has had a long wait for winning a refugee status. Captain Pyzhyk and his family had to flee to Poland after his refusal to open a criminal case against Aliaksandr Kamarouski, the Afghan war veteran. Kamarouski’s run for the seat in the local council in the town of Zhodzina (Minsk region) was very annoying for the people in power.
Andrey Pyzhyk appeared as an expert in «Fear in the Land of Peace», the Belsat documentary that questioned the official theory about the April 11, 2011 attack in the Minsk subway system. Soon after the film premiere the Belarusian side put him on the Interpol’s wanted list. As a result, on June 6, 2012 Andrey Pyzhyk was detained by Polish police. But soon the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw ordered to immediately release the detainee.
After winning a refugee status the former criminal investigator can be sure that he will not be extradited. To his opinion, it is the wide publicity of his case that has provided taking a positive decision on the subject. Pyzhyk approved of the Polish policemen’s work: “They were acting in accordance with the information obtained and at the same time they were sympathetic treating me decently. They were even kinder than I could imagine.”
Having spent 25 hours in a police station Andrey Pyzhyk are pleased with the conditions of confinement. “There are even beds, and you may take necessary bedclothing yourself. It is scarcely imaginable that a ten-person ward would be shared by 22 detainees, which is common practice in Belarus,” he stressed. “Everyone observe good manners. I liked it,” the political refugee joked.
Andrey Pyzhyk thanked to all the people who supported him and brought his story to public notice.
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