Aliaksandr Lukashenka calls youngest son Mikalai his successor

“Some people have started to question serious prospects of Belarus-Venezuela co-operation. My son Mikalai is here and this speaks for the fact that we have laid the foundation for our cooperation for the long haul and we have a person to pick up the torch in 20-25 years,” Aliaksandr Lukashenka said at the meeting of the presidents of Belarus and Venezuela in Caracas.

The meeting took place at Miraflores Palace where the Belarusian head of the state and his youngest son Mikalai arrived at. The military orchestra saluted the guests from Minsk performing the national anthem of the Republic of Belarus in the Belarusian language.

The presidents are to consider all the projects being conducted, in particular, in the branches of oil and gas extraction, petrochemistry, housing development, etc., Hugo Chavez stressed. In his turn, Lukashenka assured his Venezuelan counterpart that all the contracts concluded would be performed ahead of the time.

Belarus has come to Venezuela for providing assistance in the country’s development, Aliaksandr Lukashenka pointed out. “We are a mid-European country, there are plenty of places where we could invest our efforts but we would like to leave a piece of us here, in Venezuela. We have come here not as colonizers, We have come to build the country and train Venezuelans,” Lukashenka said.

Then Hugo Chaves suggested Mikalai should say some words but the latter refused to.


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