Expert: The scenario of elections is hard to predict

The Belarusian authorities are taking the oncoming parliamentary elections very seriously because they can not foresee under what scenario the things will run, political analyst Pavel Usau says.
According to the expert, the election campaign will be held under heavy pressure: the reason for this is that the regime is fully aware that elections might provoke an eruption of popular discontent as it happened in Africa and the former Soviet republics. Besides, the authorities have still not recovered from a heavy blow of the 2010 presidential elections when the Belarusian society presumed to protest against the system right out of the blue.
In the political analyst’s opinion, the Belarusian authorities are taking the situation as “an opportunity of legitimization of their power, primarily legislature.” The regime will seize the opportunity so that the world could see that “certain democratic process is under way in the state, and it bears no difference from foreign countries, ” the expert stresses.
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