KGB officials disguise Uladzislau Kavaliou’s records

During court sessions the defendant was making records which were kept in a yellow file together with the materials prepared for cassational appeal lodging. “Ulad wanted these records to be preserved and asked for it,” his mother Lyubou Kavaliova says.

According to her, Uladzislau’s records could contain some descriptions of confinement conditions violation and that is why they were seized. After the death penalty was enforced personal possesions of Uladzislau Kavaliou were sent to his mother. But the yellow file was empty…

“I did not receive any documents confirming, for instance, that these records had been destroyed in a lawful way,” the mother of the executed say.

The KGB keeps silence

Not having received a reply from the KGB detention centre on June 5, 2012 Lyubou Kavaliova has filed a complaint adressed to KGB Head Vadzim Zaytsau in which she demands to bring all persons in charge to justice.

“I can not understand why the son’s records are not returned. The hearing is over, the boys are executed, there is no secrecy. Belarusian TV showed all the case materials, everything was covered,” Lyubou Kavaliova says.


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