Three Belarusians charged with ten-year imprisonment for involvement in war on Gaddafi’s side

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies allegations against the Belarusian citizens. According to its information, three Belarusians arrived in Libya holding contracts for work at civilian objects. They were arrested soon after crossing the Libyan border together with the citizens of Russia and Ukraine.
Yet through it all, the Libyan court has held that the Belarusians fought with Muamar Gaddafi, the deposed leader of Libya. The Russian accused of coordination of group activity has been sentenced to inprisonment for life. The other defendants have been charged with up to ten-year prison terms and correctional treatment, France Presse agency reports.
Belarusian experts did not rule out that mercenaries, even military specialists might stay in Libya in their private capacity. However, it is doubtful that the convicted Belarusians stood the chance of taking competent legal assistance. For example, the first two court sessions were called off because defence lawyers had not received investigation materials.
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