Organising committee of National Renaissance Council founded

The organising committee of the Council of Belarusian National Renaissance which may become the main body for the formation of a shadow government is practically set up, its chairman Colonel Uladzimir Baradach, a former special forces officer, said.

According to him, the meetings of the Committee with the participation of political emigrants and Belarusian opposition activists have already been held in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. Former KGB Major Anufry Ramanovich has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Council.

“We have practically prepared a memorandum of the organising Committee which is to be circulated this week. It will reflect our political, economic, social aims and objectives, the perspective on independent Belarusian society, ways of fighting dictatorship,” Mr. Baradach said.

In his opinion, the memorandum will deny all rumours of the foundation of the Committee. The formation of a shadow government and its recognition abroad are off the question now, the Colonel stressed. According to him, the government would have been advantageous soon after the presidential elections if opposition presidential candidates had joined it. “They could have tried to solve the problems of the opposition and unite it. But time has shown that they are not ready for fighting the regime, they have taken a decision to get on with it,” Mr. Baradach thinks.


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