Political prisoners’ relatives demand discharge of Yauseyeu

“In these latter days our society has been repeatedly shocked at the cases of unprecedentedly severe beating civilians by policemen. It is the Minsk law enforcement officials who are especially notable for their brutality and sadism,” their appeal to General Prosecutor Aliaksandr Kaniuk says.

In the appeal the political prisoners’ relatives demand to relieve Ihar Yauseyeu, Deputy Head of the City Directorate of Internal Affairs, of his post. “Having commited or even having initiated beating civilians by his co-workers Yauseyeu does underperform,” they stress.

According to public activist Hanna Shaputska, the political prisoners’ relatives are to file their appeal to the General Prosecutor’s office on May 24, 2012. They express their protest against violent acts of law enforcement personnel, their authority abuses, physical and moral harm done to people. “We call to investigate every act of force against civilians and punish guilty persons,” applicants say.



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