Priest Shaplevich’s kids awarded at festival in Poland

The documentary by Zoya Katovich (screen version by Alena Antanishyna) was filmed as part of Belsat TV cycle “Unknown Belarus”. At the XVII International Catholic Film and Multimedia «Niepokalanów 2012» Priest Shaplevich’s kids received the second award in TV Programs category. The Festival took place on May 9-13, in the cloister of Niepokalanów, which is situated south of Warsaw.

About the film:

It is the story of the man who was a captain in the Polish Army but later started preaching the Word. Father Stanislau Shaplevich resisted the Soviet system by his good deeds. After the Second World War the Dparov church parishioners hid their hunted priest for eight years and half. Even under such conditions Father Shaplevich continued serving God and helping people. But the priest was betrayed and Soviet security service officers arrested him.

Having gone through the hell of Gulag, Stanislau Shaplevich returned to Belarus. Till his dying day in 1975 he represented morality and strength of mind at this time of totalitarianism. Priest Shaplevich’s kids are people who keep his memory in their hearts.

The unique archive recording was used in the film. The role of Father Shaplevich was played by Aleh Volchak, a Belarusian human rights defender.

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