Activist of European Belarus in hospital

After being beaten by policemen Andrey Molchan has a jaw fracture and craniocerebral trauma. He may also have a spine injury, Maxim Vinyarski, a representative of European Belarus civil campaign, said. According to him, when the case is finally diagnosed, the question on applying police will be raised.

The policemen detained Andrey Molchan near Pershamayski store in Minsk. The activist unfolded a white-red-white flag in solidarity with Siarhei Kavalenka, the imprisoned Vitsebsk oppositionist. “In a few minutes a car drove up and policemen approached to him. Molchan attempted to find out on what basis he was being arrested but violent use of force was their answer. While he was being beaten in the street another car drove up. They threw Molchan into the car having secured him,” European Belarus press service reports.

A criminal case is to be opened in relation to Andrey Molchan for contempt of the president and beating of a police worker. The activist’s sister managed to talk to him and found out that the policemen continued hitting Andrey in the car, after arresting him.

Aliaksandr Lastouski, press secretary of the City Directorate of Internal Affairs, refused to comment the situation explaining that he did not obtain all the necessary information.


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