Polish FM Compares Belarus to North Korea

On March 29, 2012 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Radosław Sikorski delivered the annual address on Polish Foreign Policy for 2012. The Polish Foreign Ministry believes that the foreign policy of Belarus is similar to that of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

«In today’s world, unrestrained sovereignty is solely the province of autarchic, self-isolating states – unreliable states. The Belarusian leader brags before his people of having absolute sovereignty, for example in the face of “EU pressure.” This means that he can indeed throw oppositionists into prison, while at the same time remaining totally dependent on those who supply oil and gas to Belarus, or who give the country credit guarantees – and then threaten to withdraw them. Similarly, the North Korean regime is at the mercy of China, and continues to negotiate new shipments of U.S. food aid,» the report reads.

In Sikorski’s opinion, in its relations with Europe Belarus insists on sticking to the principle of “less for less.” «In line with the proposal put forward by Donald Tusk during the Eastern Partnership Summit, we have prepared a cooperation offer which will await the day when repression ends and the political opposition is allowed to play its due role,» the Polish Foreign Minister stressed.

As it was reported before, the European Parliament has welcome the tougher sanctions imposed by the EU on Belarus in February and called for «further restrictive measures, including targeted economic sanctions».



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