Belarusian MFA: No necessity in the presence of the recalled ambassadors

Andrey Savinykh, the Press-Secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announces «the implementation of the set of response measures».

According to the statement by the MFA Press-Secretary on the decision of the EU Council taken on March 23, 2012 the Belarusian side regrets that the Council of the European Union took a decision to introduce additional sanctions aimed at some Belarusian citizens and enterprises. This step moves even further away the prospects of normalization of the relations and resumption of the dialog on the issues that are sensitive to the sides, Andrey Savinykh said.

«The European politicians are captured by the conflict thinking, they remain hostages of the coercion and blackmail logic.We are forced to immediately begin the implementation of the set of response measures. Our European partners were informed in advance about such a possibility.In current conditions the Belarusian side does not see any necessity in the presence on the territory of Belarus of the recalled ambassadors of the states that have voted in favor of this decision.», the Belarusian MFA points out.


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