Swedish journalists detained in Minsk

According to the press service of Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), the Sveriges Television (SVT) team has been detained in Minsk. The crew includes cameraman Ola Christoffersson, correspondent and producer Sven Bergman, assistant Isabel Sommerfeld. Minsk police also detained Uladzimir Chudziantsou, a correspondent for the “Russian news service” in Belarus, and BAJ member Illya Kuzniatsou who assisted the Swedes.

The journalists were to film an interview with Raman Pratasevich, an activist of the “silent protests”.

«Hardly had the filming started when a silvery minivan drove up, and each of the team was “loaded” into it,» Raman Pratasevich told Belsat. According to the activist, policemen put their actions down to the necessity of document checking.

All the journalists have official accreditation in Belarus, BAJ representative stated.

(upd) The team members had been staying at the Maskouski district police department for 3 hours before being released. Their personal data were copied, as well as the video filmed before the detention, Illya Kuzniatsou said.



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