Alexander Lukashenka threatens Europe yet again

On March 4, 2012 Alexander Lukashenka warned Europe of a harsh response to its sanctions and said that they were initiated by Polish and German politicians.

He reiterated his accusation that Poland was plotting to incorporate part of Belarus stating that the neighbouring country had already mapped the territory of Belarus as that of Poland defining the boundary not far from Minsk, the capital of the republic. «I have no idea what relation such politicians bear to the people of Poland. They are not Poles. They are strangers to the Polish people,» Lukashenka mentioned.

Mr. Lukashenka did not hesitate to have a fling at the sexual orientation of German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. «It is better to be a dictator than gay. But let him go, rather, the question is that all of us remember the middle of the XXth century and the things that the world got out of their [German – Belsat] dictatorship. Our people still have not come round. That is why it is not them to reproach us for some dictatorship. I have no desire to reason about the subject at all, » Lukashenka said.

«In my day I was surprised with the German leaders’ attitude to the people who suffered during the Second World War. … We lost a third of the population. You have not settled up with us yet. Why are you constantly «bowing» us? Today I have realized that this was just a game on the part of German politicians. If this were not a game, they would value us for saving not only the world but also the population of Germany from the Brown Plague. This is what worries me most of all: how could they forget all of this so quickly?», Lukashenka expressed his indignation.

Talking about Europe’s extending sanctions to 19 Belarusian judges for politically motivated sentences the Belarusian leader pointed out that it was a kind of a signal like «look, if you judge not how they want in Brussels or Washington, you will be banned from the entry to Europe». But it is the law that any judge depends on, Mr. Lukashenka said.

«They are itching to destroy our stability and country [its state independence – Belsat], to turn it into a spear carrier. We can not let them do that. That is why our reaction to their so called sanction measure will be very harsh. … We do not and will not hinder anyone’s living but we will make them respect us», Alexander Lukashenka stressed.


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