Ales Bialiatski to be nominated to Nobel Peace Prize

Deputy Andrzej Halicki, Head of the Polish delegation to PACE, collected signatures under the statement of Polish MPs and representatives of 27 European countries in the final session of the European Council Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in Strasbourg.

The deputy says that Poland is due to support Bialiatski because it is Polish General Prosecutor’s Office that provided official Minsk with the information on the human rights defender’s bank accounts on the basis of which Bialiatski was arrested and sentenced to 4,5 year imprisonment assertedly for tax evasion.

Mr. Halicki had a talk about Bialiatski’s nominating to former Polish president Lech Walesa, a Nobel Prize winner. In the MP’s opinion, his support might well be expected. When Danuta Walesa accepted the Nobel Prize on her husband’s behalf in Oslo, this beautiful and symbolic event encouraged us greatly in the Eighties, Andrzej Halicki says.

The International Committee for the nomination of Ales Bialiatski to 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was constituted in October, 2011.


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