Alexander Barazienka to continue hunger-striking

The Belsat contributor was detained while performing his journalist duties. Alexander (Ales) Barazienka was filming a one-man action of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners in front of the KGB headquarters in Minsk. On January, 9 the Minsk Central District Court sentenced Barazienka to 11 days of administrative arrest. He was adjudged guilty of violating the order of holding mass rallies. Soon after the sentence Alexander went on hunger strike in protest. The detained journalist wishes to appeal a conviction.

Officials of the Minsk temporary holding facility (IVS) alleged that there were no vacant rooms for meetings and the defence councellor managed to visit Barazienka only on the second try. The defendant informed the councellor of his intention to continue hunger-striking.

“Ales feels good. He is not going to stop hunger-striking. He had been given a parcel from friends. As for telegrams containing words of support and approval, they had not been delivered, ” independent journalist Alina Radachynskaya told Belsat. According to her, the holding facility administration keeps transferring Barazienka from one ward to another. There is not any obvious reason for such action.

Friends and colleagues of the arrested are eager to encourage him. “The administration received parcel that I brought for Ales,” photojournalist Yuliya Darashkevich said. However, according to his defence councellor’s information, it had not been handed to Barazienka by the moment of their meeting.


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