Mother of the convict asks for clemency

Lubow Kovaliova, mother of Uladzislav Kovaliov, who was sentenced yesterday to death, submitted an appeal to the Belarusian president asking for clemency for her son.

In the letter she stressed she brought up her son and her daughter on her own. “No one can ever accuse me of bringing up my kids in an inappropriate manner”. In Ms. Kovaliova opinion, her son “could not have committed such mysterious crime”.

Ms. Kovaliova hoped that the president will defend “christian morality, according to which only God gives life and only he can take it away”.

“Without judging this court’s decision, please remember that there have been cases in Belarusian history, that an innocent person has been sentenced to death, and few years later a real perpetrator was found.” – she wrote. The mother of the convict asked not only for a clemency for his son, but also for a moratorium on death penalty to prove that Belarus is “a civilized country”.

After submitting her letter in a presidential office, Ms. Kovaliov said she will also ask for a meeting in person with the Belarusian president. “I turned to him in the first place as to father, and only later as to head of the state”. – she said when asked what would she like to tell Aleksander Lukashenka.

Ms. Kovaliova than left to the headquarters of the supreme court where she left a request to have a chance to see her son. She stressed that since her son was arrested in April, she had met with him only once, on September 9th. Since the trial began two and a half month ago, she received only two letter and one postcard. According to her information, no letters were handed to her son.


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