Journalists persecuted for working with Belsat

Ales Brazienka was summoned to a prosecutor office and interrogated on his collaboration with Belsat TV. The interrogation lasted 20 minutes. The journalist was questioned on his work for the TV station, especially if he had contact with another journalist Alina Radachanska (she was also interrogated recently). Mr. Brazienka refused to testify.

Paval Eliesew, a lawyer who was questioning Mr. Brazienka, called his behaviour “antisocial”, and condemned his unwillingness to cooperate with an institution which “enforces the law”.

On October 27th, two other Belsat contributors – Alina Radachynska and Aleh Razkow were also summoned for a questioning. All three journalists are suspected of working for Belsat without a required accreditation. Radachynska and Razkow also refused to testify. The prosecution issued an official warning against Ms Radachynska, based on video materials shown in Belsat.


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