Deutsche Bank breaks ties with Lukashenka regime

Deutsche Bank, one of the biggest German banks, has official refused to work with Belarusian authorities. The bank used to sell Belarusian Eurobonds. Also, Deutsche Bank was mentioned during the negotiations on a loan for Belarus, secured by shares of Belarusian company Bielaruskalija, worth 1 billion USD.

Activists from Index on Censorship, a leading British campaign for human rights, wrote letters to all European banks collaborating with the Belarusian regime to end their cooperation. The news on Deutsche Bank withdrawing from cooperation with Belarus came from the bank itself – Mike Harris, the head of the campaign, told – the opposition website.

In August, Royal Bank of Scotland announced they will not work with Belarusian authorities any more. The two biggest banks, still cooperating with regime in Minsk, are BNP Paris Bank and Sbierbank. But, according to Charter97 website, also BNP ceased to sell Belarusian Eurobonds.

Belarusian dissidents asked Angela Merkel to support their demand to have Deutsche Bank end their cooperation with the Belarusian regime, during the Eastern Partnership Summit in Warsaw in September.


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