Garbage collectors in Barysau went on strike

Employees of a state-owned community waste disposal company „Zilio“ in Barysau finished today a 2-day strike, demanding salary increase.

„Some of our people make 600-700 thousand rubles (100 – 120 USD). The maximum they can get, if they worked all their life for the same company, is 1 million 700 thousand ruble (290 USD).“ – one of the workers told website.

While on strike, employees did not collect garbage, but stayed in the company’s premises. During the first day of the walk out, a director of Zilio tried to negotiate with the collectors, but nothing came out of it. This morning, the striking workers talked to city council officials and State Control Committee. At 11 am they went back to work, after being promised 12% monthly increase of salary and one time subsidy of 500 thousand rubles (87 USD).

After devaluation of ruble in May and freeing currency rates in October, Belarus underwent sudden hike of inflation, amounting to 189% since the beginning of the year. According to Belarusian Statistics Committee, average salary in Belarus in September was 2,2 million rubles (383 USD).


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