Warmer between Lukashenka and Putin

Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, praised Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashanka for his article on Eurasian Union, published on Monday in Russian daily Izviestia.

“I read it and I liked it. Lukashenka properly showed benefits for both economies. He also rightly noted that the plan has nothing to do with political opportunism. He also maked a valid point by saying that everyone is equal and one has to work not out of fear but out of their conscious. I just got a phone call from Miller [Gazprom’s director]. I am really glad that Belarus and Gazprom finally reached an agreement”. – said Putin during a press conference.

He also appreciated that Lukashenka, so far “a staunch atheist, invokes a Bible.” Putin concluded that in his opinion “it was a very good, positive fact”.

A dissident journalist, Svietlana Kalinkina, commented in a sarcastic manner at Charter97.org website that all it took to get a deal with Gazprom, was to pay homage to the Eurasian Union project.

Lukashenka in his article applauded Russian prime minister and his idea. “This publication is a serious event. Russia, for the first time clearly and unequivocally stated that her priority are relations with other post-Soviet countries.” – wrote the Belarusian president.



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