Belarus again indebted for imported gas

Minsk has been paying less for gas than required by an agreement reached with Gazprom, ending up with a 100 million dollars of debt. Belarusian authorities asked Gazprom to defer payments. Minsk, according to unofficial sources, was hoping to have installments paid over few years or adding the debt to payments for gas in 2012.

„Minsk has been paying less than a half of the price listed in an agreement, explaining it with financial hardship caused by ruble devaluation“ – one of the Gazprom employees told a journalist from Russian daily „Moskovskoye Novostii“. But Gazprom refused to comment on it officially.

Belarus and Russia should reach a final agreement on gas import and gas transit by November, informed president of Gazprom Aleksey Miller during a meetign with Belarusian deputy prime minister Siarhey Rumase on October 13th.

The charge against Belarus of not meeting the agreement was brought by Russia also last year in June, when Belarusian debt to Gazprom reached 192 million dollars. Russians in response limited the amount of gas exported to Belarus, until Minsk payed its debts.


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