A victim to Minsk explosion doubts suspects‘ responsibility

More doubts about guilt of two suspects in case of Minsk metro explosion arise, as the investigation and trial continue. Two young men from Vitebsk – Zmitser Kanavaw and Uladzimir Kavalyov are accused of committing a terrorist attack and if found guilty – they are facing death penalty. A bomb explosion in Minsk metro on April 11th, 2011 left 15 people dead and more than 200 seriously injured.

Inesa Krutaya, one of those injured in the explosion, has been growing suspicious of the investigation. „If Kanavaw was so close to the epicenter of the explosion, why hasn’t he undergone medical examination, and if he had – why the result haven’t been made public?“ – she asked. One of the passersby who was relatively far from the explosion, had his hearing nerves damaged, noted Krutaya. If Kanavaw was near the explosion, his medical condition should be a proof of it.

It is impossible to confirm whether a person caught on the cameras‘ from metro station and the suspect are the same person, according to an expertise prepared by the Russian FSB. What is more, Russian special forces suggested that the presented video material was edited. Also Ms. Krutaya observed some inconsistency in the video.

Aleksander Krutay, Inesa’s father and a human rights defender, had a chance to look into some of the case‘ files. He did not find any clear evidence of suspects‘ guilt, and to the contrary – many of the findings prove the opposite. Judge in the case, Aleksander Fyedartsow did not permit Mr. Krutay to ask any questions during the trial.

Inesa Krutaya is not afraid that focusing on uncertainties might lead to those guilty getting away with the crime – „I’d rather saw the guilty ones get away with it, rather than to add two more innocent victims to those 15 already dead.“



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