Belurasian muscian summoned by a prosecutor

Siarhey Mikhalok – an outspoken critic of Lukashenka’s regime and a leader of a renowned Lyapis Trubetskoy was summoned by a prosecution for questioning. A criminal case against him was launched, but the reason remains unknown.

„I don’t know the details. Indeed, I received a summon to prosecutor’s office. My mother was in the apartment and she got the document. When I come back [from a concert tour in Russia], I will look into the case.“ –Siarhey Mikhalok told Belarus Partizan – an independent news website.

The story was also confirmed by a spokesperson of Lyapis Trubetskoy.

The group was blacklisted by the Belarusian regime, which means their songs are banned from state media. Some of their concerts were cancelled by the authorities. Mikhalok publicly criticized Lukashenka, calling him „a liar, villain and an ignorant“. The artist participated in Belsat’s solidarity campaign with the political prisoners.


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