Viktar Ivashkievich detained

Mr. Ivashkievich, who is one of the national coordinators of Narodny Skhod or People’s Assembly, will be tried for organizing an illegal demonstration. After being detained, he managed to communicate with Bielpan journalists and say „I am accused of organizing an illegal action on October 8th, they are thanking me to a Soviet District court in Minsk“.

People’s Assemblies were held on October 8th in Minsk and few other Belarusian cities. The organizing committee refused to register the event with the authorities, claiming it was not necessary based on Belarusian statues. The law allows for gatherings of citizens from a street, block, neighborhood, convened to discuss common problems. For it to be legal, no registration is necessary, just signatures of 10% of local inhabitants.

Just two days before the action, prosecutor’s office summoned coordinators of the projects, warning them about violating the laws. The prosecutor’s official, Paval Radzivona called on Belarusians not to participate in the National Assembly.


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